Current offerings during Covid-19 Level 2 restrictions
Classes postponed until further notice

Online and in-person private sessions available- Level 2 special*
Possible On The Move outdoor classes
Move Your DNA weekend workshop November 2020

On the Move- Day/time to be confirmed*
*Please contact me if you are interested in this series. During the Level 2 Covid-19 restrictions I am willing to restart this class if there are enough people interested.

This class is literally on the move! We will be walking for a bulk of the class (because we all need to walk more!) but will stop along the way to utilise movement opportunities that the terrain offers in the moment. A portion of the class will be doing some corrective exercises as well as learning about gait mechanics and other combined natural movements.

Park benches, hills, logs, rocks, trees, beach, textures, playgrounds- each week will be different. All activities are voluntary and scalable for every body.

Gait Basics series- is a series of classes focused specifically on the mechanics and exercises for walking well. This series is repeated each season. So if you missed a session last season- pick it up again next time around. Topics include walking alignment, using your butt, saving your knees, stairs, hills, shoes, feet and texture, upper body.

General Class- incorporates the skills we were introduced to in the Gait Basics series and includes various strengthening and stretching exercises, movement challenges and upper body exercises. An all-round walking and exercise class in the fresh air with useful movement tips to add extra movement nutrition to your life.

Prerequisite is the ability to walk 5 km ( about 1- 1/4 hours) and a sense of fun and adventure.

Depending on the time and day chosen- There is the possibility to finish with a cuppa or BYO breakfast. A great start to the day!

*Location changes each week but are based in Centre of NZ tracks, Grampians, Beach, Maitai river. Bookings essential. Meeting point confirmed night before each session.