Want to get moving?
Private Sessions
If you want a more in-depth understanding of how your current alignment and movement habits are contributing to your movement issues then working one-on-one with me might be the option for you.

My role is not to diagnose and treat conditions but to help you discover your movement habits and teach you ways of moving that can help change the way you feel and how you move through life.

We will assess and explore the details of natural human movements like lifting, carrying, squatting, ground movements and more. You will learn to observe your movement through a reference system using boney landmarks to work out which parts are moving and which parts are missing out. Discover how to adapt exercises and movements to meet your current abilities. Get some guidance about where you could spend more time or attention with your exercises to reclaim your natural movement abilities.

We explore how to move beyond exercise and weave more diverse and dynamic natural human movements into the rest of the day.

The time you spend outside an exercise class has the most impact on your health. Come and explore how you can add more movement to non-exercise time with natural movements.

I have a library of books by Katy Bowman for loan to learn alongside these private sessions. Current titles: Move Your DNA, Alignment Matters, Dynamic Aging, Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief, Whole-body Barefoot, Diastasis Recti, Don't Just Sit There, Movement Matters, Grow Wild

*$50 for 60 minute session
*$25 for 30 minute session

*Special reduced rates are listed with each option above.
These reduced rates are valid until further notice.
Mobile EFTPOS available.