Top 3 books in my Movement Library by Katy Bowman
Alignment Matters (3 copies)- A fun, casual and entertaining introduction to alignment, exercises and bigger picture ideas about movement. A collated series of the first 5 years of Katy Bowman's blog posts.

Move Your DNA (8 copies) - A slightly more technical but still accessible look at what happens in the body when we move, and what happens when we don't and why we need to look beyond exercise for health benefits of movement. It includes 'exercises' to get more of your parts moving (that you didn't know were sedentary) but also lifts the lid on a whole bunch of non-exercise movement we need to value more.

Dynamic Aging (8 copies) - An inspiring look at the stories of 4 women who have been working with Nutritious Movement ideas and exercises over the last 10 years (they are now 80!). This book includes their personal accounts of how this approach has impacted their health, mobility and attitudes towards their future and how movement has changed their lives. Contains fundamental exercises and insights into movement issues in our later years. A book for all ages...because we are all aging!

I have 3 copies each of her other titles

Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief
Whole-Body Barefoot
Don't Just Sit There
Diastasis Recti
Movement Matters

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