Pain-free gardening
Sunday 7th October
10-4 pm, Lud Valley
Learn how to tend to your body while you tend to your plants
Join Penny O and a community of fellow gardeners in the beautiful and inspiring Permaculture Forest Garden of Mike and Judy Keylock in the Lud Valley for a day of dynamic movement education.

We will explore the movements of gardening and how to help our bodies accomplish these challenging movements… and stay pain-free!
Pain-free Gardening Workshop
10-4 pm, Sunday 7th October
$100 for the day
Comprehensive introduction to Natural Movement concepts
Penny will present a thought-provoking seminar on why so many of us experience chronic aches and pains and how we can change that when we understand how the body works.
Practical movement skills coaching
We will learn some simple exercises during a movement class to expose and remedy unhelpful movement habits that contribute to the aches and pains we experience after a day in the garden.

Explore new ways of moving our hips, knees and backs to help strengthen, stabilise and mobilise our joints and discover sedentary nooks and crannies in our body that we didn't know we weren't moving!
Nourishing wholefood lunch and afternoon tea
Relax in this gorgeous garden setting and enjoy a delicious wholefood lunch with goodies from the garden and local, organic and specialty products from FreshChoice Nelson. We will also break for afternoon tea crafted by the talented Chloe from Food Forest Catering. Gluten-free and vegetarian options available.
Guided tour of the host's inspiring organic food forest
Mike Keylock will take us for a guided tour around the Forest Garden and give us a short introduction to his permaculture-based approach of creating soil fertility on-site and integrating food into a forest style gardening system. You will also get to check out his system for making beautiful, organic compost in 18 days!
Fresh ideas and hot tips for a happy body in the garden...and beyond
As well as discussing broader strategies for keeping pain-free in the garden we will troubleshoot some common gardening movements, exploring how to arrange your body to avoid fatigue or strain. Tasks we may cover, depending on the group's needs, include shoveling, digging, composting, weeding, carrying, lifting and wheelbarrowing, as well as the essential task of getting on and off the ground!

Cultivate new movement habits
to stay pain-free in the garden

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