Move Better- Feel Better
Summer Series
Paying more attention to how you move can reveal movement habits that might be contributing to discomfort or limitations that are getting in the way of doing what you love.
Learn how to move better so you can feel better and get on with life.
These classes integrate biomechanics, alignment and natural movement so you can take what you learn out of the classroom and into your life.

Session description for next class below: 19 Jan 2019
Session 1: From the Ground Up (Studio based session)

Chairs are creating havoc in our bodies. The chair acts as an orthotic for the whole body (before we might need one!) propping us up to hold us in a 'comfortable' position that is repeated frequently throughout our days/ lives.

Our body adapts to this repeated position and it loses the natural ability to fully bend our hips and knees which limits our options to move in a general sense and creates a dependency on the chair over time.

- If the floor feels like a long way away...
- or sitting on the floor creates some discomfort after time...
- or you are just looking for more ways to meet your new years resolution to move more...

then come and check out this class about how to build more movement into everyday moments.

It is a cultural reason we can't sit on the floor throughout our whole lives!

All bodies welcome.
$15 one hour class
Garden Moves Workshop
Sun 27 Jan 2019
9:00 am-12:00 pm
This studio based 3-hour workshop follows on from the Pain-Free Gardening workshop to further refine and practice the corrective exercises that help prepare the body for moving better in the garden.

Although this workshop is designed for those that have attended the full day workshop in the garden, the basic concepts will be reviewed and it may be attended as a stand-alone session.
Shoulder and upper back- 4 week special focus series
Tuesdays 8:00-9:00am
29 Jan, 5, 12, 19 Feb 2019
This 4 week series looks more closely at the movements of the shoulder, neck and upper back and some corrective exercise to bring new movement and awareness to these movement starved parts of our upper bodies.

Become familiar with specific upper body moves to help counter the effects of computer work/driving/the general lack of movement of our upper bodies in modern lives.

The focus will be on mobilising and stabilising the shoulder girdle and upper back and for you to become familiar with helpful moves you can incorporate into your non-exercise time, at work or at home. A perfect way to unwind your body from the effects of the working week.
Pain-Free Gardening-10 March 2019
This unique workshop explores the movements of gardening and how to help our bodies accomplish these challenging movements… and stay pain-free! There will be a seminar, movement class, lunch & afternoon tea, an introduction to forest gardening & take home practical movement skills for you to use in the garden. You will leave the day feeling full of delicious food, practical new ideas and new movements for your body. Come along and spend the day with fellow gardeners learning about how our bodies work & how enjoy gardening even more.
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